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You can order online! Browse our menu items and choose what you’d like to order from us.

Accepting Orders

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Pickup time: Mar 4, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Pickup Address: 1370 Rothley Avenue, Abington, PA, USA

Cookies, Brownies, Blondies, Donuts

These dishes are great for sharing. Enjoy Sugar Rush cookies, brownies, and donuts for your next party or corporate event.


Brownie Kake

Indulge yourself with a delicious brownie kake! Leave plain, add toppings or even a message with white chocolate letters. The brownie Kake can get up to 16 slices. *For Chopped nuts please specify either pecans, walnuts or peanuts. *For loaded brownie Kakes choose 4 toppings(Oreos, Ferrero Rocher, M&Ms, Freeze dried raspberries, Kit Kats, Sprinkles, Biscoff Cookies, Chocolate caramel candies)


Image of Brownie Kake


Browned Butter Blondies

Get one of our delicious and moist browned butter blondies. They are so good!


Image of Browned Butter Blondies


Fudge Brownies

Enjoy these delicious fudge brownies.


Image of Fudge Brownies


Cookie Kake Slices

Choose between a single layer or double layer slice. *Only available for pickup unless your minimum order total is at least $25.


Image of Cookie Kake Slices


Assorted Cookies

Order a dozen cookies for your next event. Choose from your favorite flavors.


Image of Assorted Cookies


Cookies & Brownies: Party Tray

Enjoy your next event or holiday party with one of our homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownie platters. A small platter contains 2 dozen cookies with 1 dozen brownies. (36 full size pieces) A large platter contains 3- 1/2 dozen cookies with 1 -1/2 dozen brownies. (60 full size pieces)


Image of Cookies & Brownies:  Party Tray


Royal Iced Custom Cookies

Starting at $30/dz. Order a dozen custom iced cookies for your next event( baby shower, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas...). Make a note in the special request section of your theme or design preference. Sending a reference photo and contacting us first before ordering is best. This allows us to give you a proper quote based on your custom design. Two week's advance notice on all custom iced cookies is required. **Pricing is subject to change based on design. $30/dz is just the base price for a simple-designed cookie. If you choose to order through the website, an invoice may be sent for the difference in price depending on your design.


Image of Royal Iced Custom Cookies



One dozen delicious donuts made fresh to order. For custom donuts (names, shapes, etc. contact us by phone or email.).


Image of Donuts

Cupcakes for All Occasions

A diverse range of flavorful cupcakes that is sure to be a hit at any event.


Basic Cupcakes

Try one of our cupcakes for your next event. Choose one of our basic flavors.


Image of Basic Cupcakes


Mini Cupcakes

Enjoy these delicious mini bite-sized cupcakes in your favorite flavors.


Image of Mini Cupcakes


Specialty Cupcakes

Try one of our fun and delicious specialty cupcakes. They are sure to be a hit at your next event. Choose your favorite flavor.


Image of Specialty Cupcakes


Boozy Cupcakes (Alcohol-Infused)

Alcohol-infused cupcakes will be a major hit at your next party! Choose from one of our many favorite flavors. Must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance. Mini bottles can be added for an additional price.


Image of Boozy Cupcakes (Alcohol-Infused)

Basic and Specialty Cakes, Cakesicles & Pops

Our desserts are made in-house by our pastry chef


Basic Cakes

All cakes have 3 layers. Basic cakes consist of plain vanilla or chocolate with a basic design and a few flowers. Choose your favorite flavor.


Image of Basic Cakes


Pound Cake

Luscious old-fashioned Bundt or loaf pound cake that will put a smile on your face. A terrific addition to any Sunday dinner dessert.


Image of Pound Cake


Lunchbox Cakes

Don't need a whole cake--- get one of our Lunchbox Cakes.


Image of Lunchbox Cakes


Specialty Cakes

Choose one of our delicious specialty cakes for your next party or event.