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You can order online! Browse our menu items and choose what you’d like to order from us.

Accepting Orders

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Pickup time: Jul 16, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Pickup Address: 1370 Rothley Avenue, Abington, PA, USA

Mother's Day Specials


Enjoy a pre-designed 4-inch delicious Mother's Day Cake. Please put color preference in special requests section. limit 2 colors


Mother's Day Mini Cake

Image of Mother's Day Mini Cake


Treat your Mom to a Mother's Day Bento Box. This cute box includes a pre-designed 4in cake and 2 vanilla cupcakes!


Mother's Day Bento Box

Image of Mother's Day Bento Box


Enjoy either 1/2 or 1 dozen each mini fruit tarts and chocolate covered strawberries.


Mini Fruit Tarts and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Image of Mini Fruit Tarts and Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Graduation time is here! Time to celebrate with family and friends with a Sugar Rush graduation cake. Choose from a pre-designed cake or order a sheet cake and cupcakes. Want a unique design? Give us a call! Graduation Cakes start at $35.



Design #1

Image of Design #1


Can be ordered in school colors. Vanilla cake with buttercream icing.


Design #2

Image of Design #2


Half sheet cake


Graduation Sheet Cake

Image of Graduation Sheet Cake


One dozen vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and topped design and graduation cap.


Graduation Cupcakes

Image of Graduation Cupcakes



Our fun and delicious specialty cupcake flavors will be a hit at your next event! Click the Order Now tab to begin your flavor selection. 1/2 dozen $18 / 1 dozen $32 (Click Order Now to begin selection)


Specialty Cupcakes

Image of Specialty Cupcakes


Try one of our cupcakes for your next event. Choose from basic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or red velvet, lemon, or carrot. Click the Order Tab to begin your selection. 1/2 dz $10 / 1 dz $15 (Click Order Now Tab to make a selection)


Basic Cupcake Flavors

Image of Basic Cupcake Flavors


Alcohol-infused cupcakes will be a major hit at your next party! Choose from one of our many favorite flavors. Click the Order Now tab to begin your flavor selection. 1/2 dz: $21 / 1dz: $38 (Click Order Now Tab) Must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance. Mini bottles can be added for an additional price.


Boozy Cupcakes (Alcohol-Infused)

Image of Boozy Cupcakes (Alcohol-Infused)


Enjoy a dozen of these delicious mini bite-sized cupcakes in your favorite flavors. Click the Order Now tab to begin your flavor selection. Minimum order, 1 dozen.


Mini Bite-Size Cupcakes

Image of Mini Bite-Size Cupcakes


Enjoy Sugar Rush's delicious basic and specialty cakes.


All cakes are 3 layers. Basic cakes consist of plain vanilla or chocolate with a basic design of a few flowers. Choose from the flavors below. Sizes: 6in - $30, 8 in-$35, 10 in -$40 (Click Order Tab)


Basic Cakes

Image of Basic Cakes


Choose one of these standard Happy Birthday Toppers to go with your cake order. Other toppers available upon request. Additional fees may apply.


Basic Cake Toppers

Image of Basic Cake Toppers


Choose one of our delicious specialty cakes for your next party or event. Sizes: 6in- $30, 8in-$38, 10in-$45 (Click Order Tab)


Specialty Cakes

Image of Specialty Cakes


6 Delicious mini vanilla cheesecake with your favorite toppings.


Mini Cheesecake

Image of Mini Cheesecake


Delicious, creamy cheesecake. Sizes: 6in-$30, 8in-$36, 10in-$43 (Click Order Tab)



Image of Cheesecakes


Luscious old fashion Bundt pound cake that will put a smile on your face. A terrific addition to any Sunday dinner dessert. Flavors: lemon, rum, & vanilla topped with powdered sugar. Full size Serves 15-20


Pound Cake

Image of Pound Cake


4in 1 layer cake. Choose your flavor and design.


Bento Cake

Image of Bento Cake


Enjoy some of Sugar Rush's delicious cookies, brownies, and donuts for your next event or just for you.


Enjoy a plump delicious cookie at only $3 per cookie. Orders start at a count of 4. Choose from your favorite flavors.


Sugar Rush Deluxe Cookies

Image of Sugar Rush Deluxe Cookies


1/2 dozen large delicious fudge brownies.


Fudge Brownies

Image of Fudge Brownies


1/2 dozen delicious blondies made with browned butter, brown sugar, and vanilla combined to make a yummy in your tummy snack!


Browned Butter Blondies

Image of Browned Butter Blondies


Starting at $30/dz. Order a dozen custom iced cookies for your next event (Baby Shower, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas ...). Note in the Special Request section what your theme or design preference is. Sending a reference photo and contacting us first prior to ordering is best. This allows us to give you a proper quote based on your custom design. Two week's advance notice on all custom iced cookies is required. **Pricing subject to change based on design. $30/dz is just the base price for a simple designed cookie. If you choose to order through the website, an invoice may be sent for the difference in price depending on your design.


Custom Royal icing Decorated Sugar Cookies

Image of Custom Royal icing Decorated Sugar Cookies


Indulge yourself with a delicious brownie kake! Leave plain, add toppings or even a message with white chocolate letters. The brownie Kake can get up to 16 slices. *For Chopped nuts please specify either pecans, walnuts or peanuts. *For loaded brownie cakes choose 4 toppings(Oreos, Ferrero Rocher, M&Ms, Freeze dried raspberries, Kit Kats, Sprinkles, Biscoff Cookies, Chocolate caramel candies)


★ Brownie Kake

Image of ★ Brownie Kake


Choose between a single or double chocolate chip cookie Kake slice. Add a candle for a personal B-Day treat!


★ Cookie Kake Slices

Image of ★ Cookie Kake Slices


Delicious macarons, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. *Made with almonds


Delicious macarons. You can't get enough of them. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Choose one of your favorite fillings. Specify color choice for each flavor, otherwise colors will be chosen for you. Specialty flavors cannot be customized.



Image of Macarons


Deliciously sweet strawberries covered in smooth rich milk chocolate.


One dozen juicy sweet strawberries covered in rich milk or white chocolate. Let us know your color scheme in the special request box. Max 3 colors per dozen. Please specify if you do not want sprinkles of any kind.